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Companies that perform well attract strategic and financial buyers actively looking to acquire new companies. And Westward Group multi-channel, domestic and global marketing campaigns make sure you get to choose the best buyer with the best price and terms. Strategic buyers often place the highest value on your company, but private equity firms are strategic when they look for add-on acquisitions to their existing portfolio companies.

We diligently research – that is, identify and blindly contact all obvious known industry buyers and not-too-obvious, unknown, or related industry buyers and industry-known and -unknown buyers abroad -- and, as a result, we are able to find the greatest number of strategic buyers and private equity groups who will pay more.

Timing is everything, and right now it's a seller's market.

Westward Group, therefore, continue to find high-quality strategic buyers and Private Equity Groups for our sell-side clients. Hence, we have recently delivered various offers to one of our sell-side clients who had a wide variety of deal options to choose from and significantly increased the ultimate deal value.

Westward Group has expertise in selling service, distribution and manufacturing sector companies. Once we identify and discreetly contact the right set of strategic and private equity buyers, Westward Group stays committed and works until our client receives the best fit and the best price for his company.

No other M&A firm develop a market for their client companies the way we do. We market your company directly to a high number of targeted buyers, primarily in the United Kingdom – and also overseas with the proper confidentiality and secrecy controls in place. The marketplace for growing companies has never been more robust.

Four essential keys form the secret, how we get a deal done:

Right Timing. When your business is doing well over the next 6-24 months, it is the right time to sell. As the economy and your company continue to improve – and the outlook remains positive – that is the right time to sell. Buyers always focus on the projected future return your company will provide.

A Motivated Seller. When the seller is committed to the process, the goal of finding and closing a transaction with the right buyer, deals get done. Dedicated and enthusiastic sellers have the essential qualities that produce results.

Multi-Channel Marketing. Your company receives the attention it deserves from desirable buyers since we guarantee for you a global reach in a variety of channels. Westward Group presents your business in our written materials in a very engaging manner. Moreover, we always follow-up, contact and make ourselves prominently and actively within the scope of buyer decision-making anywhere in the world.